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What our students & parents have to say!

“During Saraiah's time with Mrs. Dyson she has developed a much deeper passion for creating. Having this program is essential to learners growth and development especially in the global crisis we are currently experiencing. We appreciate the opportunity to have been a part of such a great innovative experience. ”

— Twila, mom of Saraiah


To whom it may concern, 


I wanted to reach out to The Maryland Center to express my gratitude for the Drew Freeman Innovation Initiative Program and to briefly tell how the after school program has impacted me and my family. As we all know, we have been thrust into unprecedented times. It was particularly hard for myself trying to work full time in the home and in the office while making sure that my two children stayed on task in school. On top of that, all social activities that we had previously enjoyed ended. It was stressful to say the least. I could see how it was impacting my children in their school work and the anxiety it was causing them in their home and social life. 


Due to the changes, I had been looking for ways to make sure that my children were able to stay on task and not fall behind due to me not being able to be there daily with my work schedule. I was also looking for ways for them to safely interact with others outside of the home. I was able to find this for my oldest son Bryant with the Drew Freeman Innovation Initiative Program hosted by The Maryland Center at Bowie State University. 


Working with this program has been a godsend. The staff members are friendly and caring. They have taken the time to develop a relationship with my son and to understand what his needs are. Through the program he has discovered a love for technology with the IT and cyber security that goes beyond the class. He is constantly researching and is excited to share his new IT skills with his teachers and peers at his school. It also gave me peace of mind to know that Bryant was learning the skills needed to safely navigate the internet being that they are spending so much independent time on the computer. The mental health and life skills class helps to reinforce what I teach my son in the home and he has enjoyed exploring his creativity with art and crafts. He takes the things that he learns in his crafting class to teach myself and his little brother. 


Overall, this program was exactly what I was looking for to provide that balance in my child's life. I have seen my son's engagement with school improve as his overall well being has improved from being able to participate in the program. This is a great relief for me as I try to balance work and homelife during these difficult times. 


I would like to thank all of the staff that are involved with this program and thank the Maryland Center for the opportunity to be able to participate. I look forward to continuing our participation and enrolling my youngest son once he is of age. 




Blair S Spear

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